Complete Guidance of lily Bulbs

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Lily is a plant which generally bears large white and other coloured flowers which are of bell shape are called Lily. It is commonly planted through bulbs. 

Where Lily plants could be planted ?

Lily plants  are perennial flowering Shrubs which can be planted in pots as well as Garden. They can be propagated through seeds as well as bulbs. They are large different coloured attractive flowers and posses fragrance. 

What is summer Lily

Summer lily is a  flower plant that blooms during summer . Summer lilies are planted in the month of February and then they flower in starting of month June. Flowers of this plant should be plucked  in every 24 hours so new flowers can Bloom regularly. Summer lily is also called day lily plant . It bears 6 to 7 inflorescence which are called scapes  and one scape bear at least 8 to 10 flowers. It's flowers color can be red, yellow, orange etc. They are rapid growing plants. Summer Lily plant should be planted in well drain soil and should have a good amount of organic matter. The soil mixture for plant in summer Lily plant is - 1 part of normal soil, 1 part of compost and ¾ part of sand. It's soil should be always moist to support the growth of the plant . Morning sunlight is best this plant. Over  watering should be avoided for this plan because this causes fungal infection in the roots and simultaneously,  plant dies . It is a vigorous Grower plant.

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