Canna Lily propagation method and Plant Care

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Canna Lily is propagated by bulbs, seeds, dividing rhizomes. The bulls of Canna Lily are not true bulbs but they are rhizomes. The rhizomes are underground stems which possess eye type of structure from where sprouting occurs and later on germination occurs. Canna lilies can also be easily propagated by cutting. By taking one stem from a fully developed plant and planting it in another place is called the cutting process. The propagation through rhizomes and cutting is very easy whereas by seeds it may take some time to germinate. 

Plant is Indoor or outdoor 

Canna Lily  can be grown indoors as well as outdoors. It can be potted in a small pot with less amount of soil when planted indoors and can be planted in the Garden when planted as an outdoor plant. It is a perfect plant for  indoor as well as outdoor. As its light and water requirements are not very tricky. It needs 3 to 4 hours of full sunlight if planted as an indoor but can tolerate full days sunlight when planted as an outdoor. The water requirement for this Canna Lily- it is a humidity loving plant its soil should always be moist.

Canna Lily  bulbs 

Canna Lil bulbs are not true bulbs but they are actually rhizomes from which propagation is done. Canna Lily Bulbs possess a sprouting structure that is an eye which is kept on the upward side whenever planted. 

Yellow Canna

The yellow Canna Lily plant bears yellow colour flowers that need well drained soil along with a good amount of fertilizer, vermicompost, neam cake, bone meal for proper growth and development. The growing season of the Canna Lily plant is summer whereas it is in dormancy during winters.

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    Can the cana lilies be propagated by cutting of leaf and planting it in soil and how would it be done

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