Canna Lily Bulb Propagation and Plants Care

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Canna Lily plant is a flowering plant that produces  large and big sized leaves and it is very popular as an ornamental plant. It is mostly planted as a show plant. It is a perennial plant that is once planted and blooms for many years. It loves sunlight and can even tolerate full sunlight and grow very well and produces maximum flowering in summer season. Canna Lily do well in partial shade. 

Canna lily flower

Canna Lily flowers are beautiful flowers that are found in different shades such as red, yellow, orange ,white and pink. These flowers last for some days in a plant and give a beautiful look to the place wherever planted. 

Grow guide of Canna Lily plant 

Canna Lily plants are planted through bulb ,seed, rhizome and sometimes by cutting. The bulbs are not actual bulbs but they are rhizomes which possess the eye from where sprouting occurs . While planting these rhizomes in the pot or in a garden the eye for the sprouting should be kept upward so that germination may occur. 

Canna Lily Bloom time

The Canna Lily plant blooms mostly in the summer season . It is a summer season plant which is planted in the month of February till September whereas it blooms in summer season.

Canna plant

Canna plant for planting needs loose soil and when it is planted in a pot the soil mixture that should be taken is 40% of normal Garden soil ,30% of cocopeat and 30% of vermicompost. In addition 30 to 50 gram of bone  meal at a time of planting should be applied to fulfill the requirement of calcium.

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