Cafeteria Decorations Ideas with Succulents

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

While choosing a cafe or restaurant ,we always prefer to go where the cafe interior design is eye soothing,which gives a different feeling to us,especially when it is decorated with a variety of succulent plants.

Succulents like Echeveria sp, Haworthia sp, jade plant, string of tears, string of pearls,living stones, cacti with different varieties decorated in different ways always steals our heart.

Greenery Cafe Decoration Ideas 

These are some methods to make your cafe looks fully covered with succulent plants-

Creative cafe wall design

Especially the cafes made on the plant based themes are more likely to popularize amongs cafe lovers.

Many times lack of enough space in cafe leads to a new idea of planting succulents vertically Cover a part of the cafe wall with different types of succulents mainly cacti,echeveria, living stones, string of pearls etc which will be eye catchy to the customers for sure.

There are many sets of wooden box,plastic pots combinely attached in one comes for hanging it on the wall and to plant succulents in it.So that the wall will look fully covered with greenery.

Combined succulents in a pot

To enhance your cafe interior, decorate table tops,or other main areas with pots of succulents combinely arranged in it.Different types of succulents arranged in one pot look beautiful and help in covering .

Combining succulents can be done in different types of pot.You can use wooden, ceramic, resin or even glass made pots which are wider and not too deep in height.

Terrarium made out of a succulent combination will also be a good way to decorate your cafe.

Decorate the pots by adding white or colorful stones to cover the potting mix area.

you can also add some other objects like bridges etc to enhance its look.







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