Cafe Decoration With Succulents and Its Varieties

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Succulents have now become the favorite choice for all plant lovers because of their charming appearance and easy to grow in a container with any shape and size.

Cafe interior decoration with succulents will be considered as the best idea for enhancing the ambiance of a greenery cafe.

Succulents are the plants with thick,fleshy leaves adapted for storing water,which includes thousands of varieties. Succulents need very little care to grow.

Just keep in mind while growing succulents in the cafeteria.

  • Avoid overwatering, succulents need very less water especially when it is kept inside.

  • Succulents can do well in low light but some varieties require bright light to express their color.

  • Don’t over fertilize succulents.

Some of the best succulents varieties suitable for cafe or restaurant interiors are-

This type of succulents always adapt themselves as per environment from semi-shade corner to the full sunlight outdoor.Because of the structure of its leaves ,it is also known as ZEBRA PLANT.

This stunning flower shaped succulents comes in hundreds of varieties in different colors and will enhance your cafe interior.

Jade plant also known as lucky plant having fleshy, oval leaves with woody branches can be fit in any container and attracts through its looks.

Thrives in less water and dry soil, looks stunning because of its leaf shape like bunny's ear.

String of pearls is another popular succulent that suits best in hanging pots.Its leaves look  like the pearls necklace,which makes them look elegant.

String of tears do best in partial sunlight facing in East or west direction.Its stem can grow upto 1 feet long.It will make the cafe appear more greenery when kept at a certain height.

Cacti include a lot of different varieties in various shapes. When cacti planted in beautiful resin pots look more beautiful when placed together in cafe decoration.

There are so many collections of succulents available at Urban plants and cafeteria decoration ideas with succulents.

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