Bio Enzyme Uses And Their Applications

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What is Bio enzyme?

Bio enzyme cleaners are cleaning products that use non-pathogenic, “good” harmless bacteria to digest wastes, soils, stains and malodors. The bacteria do this by producing chemicals called Bio enzyme that break down certain molecules (wastes/soils) into tiny pieces. These smaller pieces of food feed bacteria. The bacteria consume these soils and break them down into two basic compounds: water and carbon dioxide. The bacteria grow in number and continue to consume the waste until their food supply diminishes (the food waste is gone).

Bioenzyme are the liquids made with citrus peel, jaggery pieces  and water mix in a required proportion. And after fermentation of some days the Bioenzyme ready to use. They are organic in nature and you can easily made this useful liquid at your home by just following some steps.

Often confused as a plant fertilizer only bioenzymes helps in many ways with such a limited cost to pay. It is now gaining popularity because of its non toxic natural behavior which shows the concern about preventing the environment by using it.Bio-Enzyme-Uses-And-Their-Applications-Urban-Plants

How does a Bacteria Works?

When bioenzymes apply to the stain or greasy area ,the bacteria digest and breakdowns them and makes the area or floor clean. The bacteria of bioenzymes can reach in very small cracks and crevices and that how they can clean your required very properly. It eliminates the malodour and soiling. It can be easily used as multipurpose like as cleaner, pesticides, insect repellents, etc.

Why is Bioenzyme a best option?
Bioenzyme is totally natural fermented solution that can used a multipurpose cleaner. This will help in preventing the use of high toxic chemical based room cleaners that cost very high and also not save for human health. Synthetic cleaners also indirectly harms environment by polluting water with their toxic chemicals and continuous use of these synthetic cleaners also damage the floors and tiles. So instead of using these hazardous cleaners you can simply use homemade Bioenzyme. 

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Bioenzymes having different types of enzymes that are as-

1.Proteases-This enzymes helps in breakdowns of protein based materials. 

 2.Lipases-This enzymes helps in breakdown of fats and grease.

3.Amylases-this enzymes breakdown all types of  starch molecules.

4.Cellulases-it helps in soften fabric and forever restore its colour as it is.

Preparation of bioenzyme-

1.First of all take jaggery, citrus peel and water in a proportion of 1:3:10 and add 1 tbsp of yeast in it. You can also use peels of carrot, cucumber, pineapple, sweet lime, and lettuce on the place of citrus.

2. Now mix all these ingredients in a plastic bottle with a screw bottle cap and keep it for 1 month for fermentation. And don't fill the solution to the brim.

3.The solution should stirred once in a day, as it produces the gases.

4. Now the fermentation will be done in anaerobic condition for 1 month.

5.After a month, strain the liquid and store it in a plastic bottle.

6.It is ready to use for different purpose.

Application of Bio enzyme Natural Cleaner 

  • Bio-Enzyme-Uses-And-Their-Applications-Urban-Plants Use it as a  cleaner and disinfectant various surfaces of the home like the glass windows, floor, countertops and so on. Bioenzymes is the best cleaner for your home as it will keep your pocket warm and also make you feel better by not polluting your nature by using the toxic cleaners. Use bio enzymes for cleaning greasy utensils and kitchen materials.
  • These can repel small insects, cockroaches and ants at home. Bioenzyme also works very well for insects repellent, as in summer houseflies increases in home but if you apply this liquid and clean floor properly. It will prevent the houseflies to come in home.
  • Deodorise any space by spraying a solution of 25 percent bio enzyme with 75 percent of water.
  • It is perfect for cleaning the bathroom sink and Washing areas. Bioenzymes can remove the yellow stain of your washroom easily which is done by the toxic cleaners full of hazardous chemicals. It will also prevent the damage on tiles and floors and it last long, while continuous use of synthetic cleaners will damage your bathroom tiles and floors because they contain highly acidic nature chemicals.
  • Bio enzymes are highly recommended for cleaning of tiles and grout because the bacteria can enter small cracks or crevices to remove soils and malodors.
  • Also you can de-clog a drain by pouring a solution of bio enzyme into the clog. This will prevent the use of de-clogger which directly mix in water and also costs high.
  • This bio enzyme cleaner is effective in removing limescale deposits from the taps and steel appliances. The best example is your water heater rod after continuous heating the salt collects on it which decrease the heating efficiency of heating rod. Keep the rod in this solution and after sometime remove it.
  • The organic solution can be used to clean pesticides and other chemicals from fruits and vegetables cleaning.Bio-Enzyme-Uses-And-Their-Applications-Urban-Plants
  • These are like herbicides and natural pesticides. the best and mostly used by so many people. Bioenzyme as natural pesticide, many times people fond of growing plants have their terrace full of plants. If the plant is there obviously pest attacks will happen, there are so many pesticides available in market but they doesn't work effectively but also costs very much. Instead of that this bioenzyme which merely requires a hard method to make can be used a natural homemade pesticides which will also not effect the plant in negative way.
So, bioenzyme not only is a effective way to do a multipurpose work but also helps in use the waste of kitchen in a different way and can save so much money without doing anything. It also helps in managing the waste of kitchen. It's an easy making solution which can have several uses for a home. It preparation process is very easy and can ready within a month and  can be used for many months.

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