Best Dieffenbachia Houseplant Gardening Tips

by Urban Plants

The large and showy dieffenbachia will be the perfect living decoration for the home or office. When you are going to learn how to care for a dieffenbachia plant, you’ll find it to be adaptable to different kinds of lighting and conditions in which you might not expect a dieffenbachia houseplant to grow. 

Dieffenbachia Plant Care

Problems with dieffenbachia dumb cane plants can be easily overcome in most situations. The most common problem with growing dumb cane  plant dieffenbachia is high moisture content. Overwatering is a common problem with many houseplants and the dieffenbachia houseplant is no exception. Plant the dumbcane in a well-draining soil and water lightly, keeping the soil moisture consistency, but not soggy. Check the soil every day to make sure it is dry an inch down before watering the dieffenbachia plant. 

Other problems with dieffenbachia plants

May be created by dull lighting. When growing dieffenbachia, most varieties choose best in a filtered light situation, where bright to modium light shines through a sheer curtain or other filtering window cover. Filtered sun light is particularly important in the spring and summer, when the dieffenbachia houseplant is producing new, tender leaves that are subjected to sunburn if the sunlight is too bright or shines directly on the plant.

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