Banginapalli Mango Tree Common diseases and pests

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.


Banginapalli Mango has high levels of fiber rich in Vitamin C and the pulp with high Vitamin A. There are different varieties of mangoes in India. We PlantsShip delivers the best varieties of Banganapalli mango plants online across the world. To make it more effective, overcome the following diseases with suitable pests.

Common Diseases in Banginapalli Mango tree 

Algal leaf spot

Alga causes this kind of disease. The Banginapalli mango leaves get orange spots. Normally, the disease is harmless. To avoid this issue prune and use pesticide frequently . Use any fungicide to control the algal leaf spot diseases. 


Dark spots on leaves, flowers and fruit. As a result of this, fruits, leaves and flowers fall from the Banginapalli mango tree. Normally, banginapalli mango trees that are grown in wet regions face this issue. This is a very serious disease. The use of fungicide at the right time can help to restrict the anthracnose disease. 

Powdery mildew

The grey-white powder-like substance appears on fruits, flowers and leaves. Leaves, flowers and fruit will fall from the tree before the fruit becomes ripe. Fungicides are very effective as the powdery mildew disease comes from a fungus. This can be seen everywhere where banganapalli mango trees are growing. 

Bacterial black spot

Visible cracks on stems of mango trees, as a result of a gummy substance, comes from the Banginapalli mango tree. This is a common disease that is seen everywhere. Remove the branches which have this bacterial disease and apply copper-based protective sprays to get effective results.

Fruit fly

Female flies lay their eggs on the semi-ripen banginapalli mangoes. When the fruit ripens, the eggs break and worms will appear and destroy the fruit. People can harvest before full ripening of the fruit. Use neem-based pesticides to get effective results on diseases.

Mango mealybug 

These bugs suck the juice of tender mango leaves, flowers and even fruits. They will appear on the banginapalli mango leaves and fruits as a white powdery substance. This mealybug disease can be seen everywhere where trees are growing. Burn all the branches, leaves and fruits which have the infestation on part of the tree. Spray neem-based pesticides to avoid mealybug disease. 

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