4 DIY Orchid Potting Mix Recipes

by Samin Rizvi

Orchid plants grow best with the right bark mix! Here are some of the best DIY Orchid Potting Mix Recipes for you to try!

DIY Orchid Potting Mix Recipes

1. Bark Potting Mix

You’ll Need: 

  • Container
  • Tree Bark
  • Peat moss/ Cocopeat


  • Take one part grounded tree bark. It can be Coastal redwood, Douglas fir, or Osmunda tree fern bark.
  • In the same container, add one-fifth part of perlite or peat moss and mix it with tree bark thoroughly.
  • You can also combine one part osmunda bark with three parts of redwood for a quality potting mix. Make sure to soak it overnight before adding it to the mix.

2. Fine Potting Mix

You’ll Need: 

  • Fir Bark/ Fine-grade coco Chips/ Redwood Bark
  • Fine Charcoal
  • Perlite


  • Using a measuring jar, take four parts of fine fir bark, fine-grade coco chips, and redwood bark in a container.
  • Add one part fine charcoal and one part perlite to the container. Mix until you obtain a mix of uniform consistency.
  • That’s it! Your potting mix is ready for use! Fine potting mix is ideal for planting orchids with small roots such as oncidiums or miltonias.

3. Sphagnum Potting Mix

You’ll Need:

  • Sphagnum Moss
  • Medium Sponge Rock
  • Aerolite


In a measuring utensil, measure nine scoops of sphagnum moss. After adding sphagnum moss to the bucket, add two scoops of medium sponge rock, one scoop of aerolite. Mix all the ingredients using a ladle, and that’s it!

4. Coconut Husk Chips Mix

You’ll Need:

  • Coconut husk chips
  • Fine charcoal
  • Perlite
  • Water
  • Container with drainage holes


Rinse the coconut chips well and mix 2 parts of it with 1 part charcoal and 1 part perlite. Add water and let the mixture rest overnight. Before you put it in a container, do ensure that you have squeezed the excess water.



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