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    2 products
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    Urban Plants™ Imported calla Lily bulb ( pack of 5)
    Imported calla Lily bulb ( pack of 5)
    Urban Plants™
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    To grow Callas, use our calla lily flower bulbs that are available in various colours like Yellow, White, Red, Plum, and also an unusual Black. Calla Lilies are used in flower arrangements, bouquets, and for home decor purposes.

    Named after the Greek word for beautiful ‘Calla’, the best part about Calla lilies is that you don’t need to be an expert to grow these. Calla Lilies do not require much attention, and they make your job effortless.

    The Calla Lilies aren’t just for aesthetic purposes. They are mood lifters, productivity enhancers and air purifiers. They make you feel close to nature, thus helping you stay grounded.

    To efficiently plant the calla lily flower bulbs, you can also use the grow bag and soil from our gardening kits. We also offer pebbles and miniature garden toys that you could pair well with calla lilies.

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