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    Lilies, one of the most popular summer bulbs, burst forth with kaboom blossoms during a period when most flowers are in dormancy. Lilies are workhorses as cut flowers, with "swoony" fragrances, sturdy stems, and big petals.

    Lilies require at least six hours of direct sunlight. "Head in the sun, foot in the shade" is a favourite phrase among lilies. Plant them amid low-growing annuals, perennials, or grasses to keep their roots cool.

    Lily Flower Bulbs are available in a pack of five or ten bulbs in various colours like purple, cream white, orange, yellow and red. You can also choose to buy assorted colour bulbs to ornate your garden.

    These Flower Bulbs can be planted in an indoor flower pot or a garden. They are excellent plants for beds, borders, shrub borders and as accent plants. Based on the species, the average height of the plant varies anywhere between 2 and 6 feet.

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