Why to Gift Tulsi Plant With Ganesha Murti On Parents Anniversary

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Medicinal plants like Tulsi, Aloe Vera, lemongrass etc are having so many advantages that they should be included in every home gardening. In ancient India most of the medicines were made by the medicinal herbs mixing them together.

why to gift tulsi plant with Ganesha murti on parents anniversary Urban PlantsThey were having no side-effects in anyway. In today's world also many people are trying to add many medicinal plants in their home so that they can use it in daily life. And many are giving it as a gift on different occasions. If you want to give a valuable gift to your adults or parents then adding Ganesha gift items will increase your gifts' meaning for them. Ganesha gift brings a lot of prosperity and wealth in the home. There are so many design available online with different things like marble, ceramic, wood etc as per your choice.


If you want your parents to be gift with something that meets their culture value then gifting Lord Ganesha idol with a Tulsi Plant will make them smile. It always said in every home Tulsi plant should be kept and worshiped as a god.

Tulsi Plant in Indian culture has given a lot of importance to being considered a goddess. Indian mother's always worship this plant. It also act as a medicinal plant with the character of anti inflammatory, oral health, diabetes curing etc. And combining this plant with a Ganesha murti will bring a positive energy in home.

Lord Ganesha represents knowledge and wealth together. So gifting his idol to your parents is really a very good choice. And it can also be given as a gift in home entry or to your grandparents also on their birthday.

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