Why do we plant Bamboo plants in schools and colleges?

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Lucky bamboo plants Urban plants It is also called lucky bamboo plant . Bamboo plant is easy to grow and  it is said that bamboo plants attracts positivity. The green energy of bamboo plant attracts positivity in the nearby surroundings. The idea of planting bamboo trees in schools and college premises either as outdoors or as a indoor plant is best . It  is also scientifically proven that bamboo plant is very good air purifier. It can also use for decoration purpose in schools and colleges. 

Advantages of bamboo tree plantation in schools and colleges 

It is easy to grow and handle and adds beauty to a place wherever planted . It can be grown in water as well as in soil. Bamboo plant attracts lots of positive energy in schools and colleges when placed in right direction. 

Aim of bamboo tree planting in schools and colleges 

Bamboo plant is considered as lucky plant. The main aim or purpose of growing lucky. Bamboo plant in the premises of schools and colleges is to add beauty in the premises. It is considered that lucky plant brings happiness, prosperity and good health wherever planted so the main aim of planting it in schools and colleges premises is to bring happiness and success.

Care and Management lucky bamboo plant

It is easy to care as  it grows well in indirect and light. It does not require much water  but bamboo plant should be watered when the soil of the pot becomes dry when it is planted as a indoor plant.

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