White Canna Lily Propagation and Plant Care

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

White Canna Lily bears or produces white coloured flowers which are extremely beautiful and planted for decoration purposes. White canna Lily soil potting mixture that can be taken is 1 part of river sand, 1 part of Garden soil and 1/3 part of compost . In addition Neem cake can also be added at the time of planting to avoid fungal infection in the roots of the plant. This plant likes acidic soil so it grows well in acidic soil and the compost added at the time of planting in the soil produces acidity in the soil which is beneficial for the Canna Lily plant. 

Canna Lily plant 

Canna Lily plant is a perennial plant that flowers for many years after planting. It is a good foliage plant that multiplies rapidly due to the presence of underground stems. The underground stem is called rhizome  which possesses an eye type of structure from where its sprouting occurs and later on the plant is developed . The propagation of the Canna Lily plant is done by bulb, seeds or by dividing rhizomes. It is also be propagated by cutting. It requires good humidity and moist conditions with well drained soil. 

Keli flower

The flowers of the Canna Lily plant are also called Keli flowers because the common name of Canna plant is keli plant. Keli  flowers are beautiful flowers attached within a stem with big size leaves. 

Blooming time of Canna 

Canna flowers mostly Bloom in summer and monsoon season. If a good amount of fertilizer, compost, Neem cake ,bone meal and phosphorus is provided to the plant its blooming time lasts till August.

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