What To Gift Brother Passionate About Gardening?

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

We easily choose gifts in a few minutes for our friends, relatives and colleagues. But when it comes to giving gifts to our own brother, then we really want to give that much time for searching and selecting the best gift for our brothers especially when he is a nature loving person.

what to gift brother passionate about gardening urban plantsSo if you are thinking about which gift is best for brother on his birthday then your searching  should stop on gifting personalized gardening gifts for your brother. If you want to order gifts online then it will be better as online sites have more choices. Birthday gift delivery in Bangalore like city requires less time. So if you are living in such type of city then you have great options of buying gifts.

Buy brother gifts from urban plants!

Some of the best plant gifts combo for your brother are

Alocasia Plant With A Birthday Card

what to gift brother passionate about gardening urban plantsALOCASIA is a beautiful indoor plant which thrives best in bright but indirect sunlight and looks amazing because of its leaves structure which  fits as a perfect gift for a plant lover. And giving a birthday card with a beautiful message will surely bring a big smile on your brother's face.

Philodendron In A Personalized Resin Pot

This plant is one of the most popular indoor plants that attracts almost everyone with its beautiful leaves. And if it is gifted in a personalized resin pot then that makes it much more beautiful. Philodendron is also considered as a lucky plant and brings prosperity in the home. Having such a good plant on his birthday is definitely gonna make him happy.

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