What is Vertical Garden

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Whether you call them vertical gardens, green walls, moss walls, live walls, or something else entirely, the concept might be pretty new to you. You might not have heard of vertical gardens before, or know  them for that matter, but they are truly a wonder of modern agricultural technology. 
Modern is a stretch though, as the main technique behind vertical gardens harkens back to a fairly olden gardening practice known as hydroponics, which is the process of growing plants in nutrient-rich, without any soil. More accepted today, hydroponic gardening has been practiced by humans since the time of King Nebuchadnezzar
Current advanced vertical gardens grow plants on a vertically suspended panel that does not use soil, but hydroponic principles. These vertical garden panels can be free-standing or attached to a wall, and are a wonderful and space-saving alternative to traditional potted plants. 
That said, many vertical gardens can be made of canvas shoe racks, tiny soil-filled pots, ladder boxes, or recycled coffee cans, you name it! The best thing about vertical gardens is their customizability. 

With composter vertical garden planter tower 

A vertical gardening systems that works in an efficient way while building a vertical garden design and ease to maintain and movable tool at your home is Sadabahar (Our Portable Vertical garden)

This kind of setup is made like a tower space design for a garden tower vertical container. It helps in fertilizer of each plant in a better way. Due to movable features you can transfer your vertical garden tower to favorable climatic conditions. This vertical garden tower is available in two different colors White and Orange. Grab the deal with in budget at Urban plants 

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