What is the common name scadoxus multiflorus?

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Football lily bulbs Urban plants Commonly scadoxus multiflorus is known as football lily flower which is planted for its attractiveness and beautiful appearance. This flower plant is generally planted through bulbs because it is easy to plant it through bulbs. It is also called poisonous plant because it's roots are really poisonous and can be harmful so while planting some precautions should be taken and touching of roots should be avoided and  gloves should be used during planting.

Basic information about football lily flower.

Football lily bulbs Urban plants Football Lily flower requires well drained soil for its growth. Over watering should be avoided for this plant as this plant does not need too much of water. Watering  should be done only when the top soil is absolutely dry. This plant does not like humid and moist conditions. Football Lily plant also loves to be in shaded or partial light area after blooming where as before blooming it needs full sunlight for some hours in a day. For its proper growth vermicompost or any other compost should be used . 50 to 70 grams of vermicompost once in every 30 to 40 days should be applied. 

Which plant is called as May flower tree ?

Football Lily flower plant is also known as may tree because it flourishes ,blooms and thrives best in this month of the year and gives beautiful flowers which are generally football shaped  flower.  They can be planted in pots as well as in garden.

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