What is Feedstock in Garden waste and what are their characteristics

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Garden Waste Cahracteristics

Setting up the process for biochar from the garden waste designing process starts with the choice of the right feedstock for the process. During this stage, a key characteristic of the feedstock for garden waste are described, such as:
Carbon content: carbon content which represents the amount of carbon available that will be eventually transferred to the biocoal (fixed carbon) or released into syngas by pyrolysis. 
Volatile matter: This volatile matter represents the part of biomass that will be released during the pyrolysis and carbonisation process. 
Fixed carbon: It demonstrates the carbon that will be directly represented in the bio coal produced. 
Ash content: which describes the mineral residue of compost that is expected to be found in solid product. Higher ash contents in raw material (feedstock) will result in the increase of the ash content of bio coal and optimum ash content in feedstock garden waste is needed to control the burning process of the biocoal
Calorific value:  that will determine the amount of energy released during the biocoal production and determine the full plant configuration and target business model, often allowing to benefit thanks to the additional heat and power production
Moisture content: higher contents may increase the production cost due to more energy demand to evaporate the water content in the process of biomass conversion in the composting process. Since the moisture content will impact the efficiency and costs of the operation, it is important to maintain relatively less moisture contents at the inlet to the Biogreen bio coal production kiln. Optimum moisture content for the production between 5% to 15%. 
Mastering the production: Quality biochar production from garden waste and garden waste compost is related to both, adequate feedstock characteristics as well as the precise operating temperature control.

Including the feedstock all garden waste can be formed by composting process with help of this vertical garden tower it has two parts planter and composter. 

Garden waste compost Converter


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