What is bio enzyme natural cleaner and Types of Bio enzyme

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Bio enzymes have gained a lot of popularity in recent years as they are organic cleaning solutions that are produced by the fermentation of citrus fruits, water and jaggery. The organic solution comprises good bacteria which produces bio enzymes to digest wastes, stains, soils and malodors. During the process of fermentation, the bacteria attacks the stains to break down the molecules into smaller particles so that it becomes food for the bacteria and finally gets converted into water and carbon dioxide. 
When a specific soil is known such as cooking oil, a cleaner can also be formulated with a specific enzyme known to break down oil. These types of kitchen degreasers can be as effective as more hazardous corrosive oil degreasers. They also can have a residual effect by continuing to break down oil after cleaning is completed.

Bio enzyme cleaner comprise different types of enzymes:

Proteases: Effective in breaking down protein molecules like blood and food.
Lipases: Break down fat and oil.
Amylases: Break down all the starch based molecules.
Cellulases: Soften the fabric and restore colour to its fibers molecules. 

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