Vertical Garden Kits and Wall Planters

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Small in space and easy to set up, these vertical garden kits are popular and affordable to those born with a green thumb and those who are learning.

Vertical Garden Kit With Wall Planters

This vertical garden kit is great if you want to start small. Metal planters are perfect for herbs and can be mounted on a wall. Reviewers say this is a high-quality product like metal vertical garden planters and grows herbs very well. 

Vertical Metal Plant Stand

This metal vertical garden planters stand holds 13 pots and is the perfect size for a balcony. Plant-lovers say this is easy to assemble and move, which is great for those who may want to bring their plants to an indoor vertical garden.

3-Tier Wooden Vertical Wall Mount Planter

Easy to mount and made of solid wood, this vertical planter is decorative and practical. Reviewers say it is small enough for balconies or small spaces.
Whether you want a bountiful balcony garden or are seeking a few potted vertical garden plants neatly hung to spruce up your space, there are many vertical garden options available to you. We hope this article has helped you find the perfect set-up for your balcony and you enjoy your new outdoor vertical gardens.

With composter vertical garden planter tower 

A vertical gardening systems that works in an efficient way while building a vertical garden design and ease to maintain and movable tool at your home is Sadabahar (Our Portable Vertical garden) This kind of setup is made like a tower space design for a garden tower vertical container. It helps in fertilizer of each plant in a better way. Due to movable features you can transfer your vertical garden tower to favorable climatic conditions. This vertical garden tower is available in two different colors White and Orange. Grab the deal with in budget at Urban plants 

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