Upcycled Mason Jar in the Garden Ideas

by Samin Rizvi

If you have unused mason jars in your home, use them creatively with the help of these Upcycled Mason Jar in the Garden Ideas!

These creative Upcycled Mason Jar in the Garden Ideas will help you add a lot of appeal to your home and garden without spending a lot of money!

Upcycled Mason Jar in the Garden Ideas

1. Mason Jar Hanging Herb Planter

great way to grow your favorite herb in a limited space!

2. Mason Jar Terrarium

Add succulents, loamy soil, and some pebbles in old mason jars to make for a beautiful tabletop display. You can also use faux plants.

3. Mason Jar Herb Garden on a Wooden Board

Clamp mason jars on the wooden board and grow herbs in a small space vertically!

4. Mason Jars on a Suspended Wooden Board

Hang mason jars on a suspended wooden board by the kitchen window to grow herbs of your choice and have a fresh supply!

5. Space Saving Mason Jar Herb Garden

great DIY you can try to use mason jars creatively to grow herbs in a limited space.

6. Mason Jar Wall Garden

All you need is a wooden frame, chicken wire, and some empty mason jars 

7. Mini Mason Jar Garden!

Grow plants or herbs in mason jars to create a cute garden for the balcony or terrace.

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