23 Types of Snake Plants Varieties You Can Grow Indoors

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Snake plant Varieties (Sansevieria) are easy to grow and very tolerant of nature. Snake plant Varieties are also known as the ‘Mother-in-law’s tongue,’ due to the upright leaves, growing in the shape of a tongue with a thick texture. Sansevieria can survive well in low light and less water and according to NASA’s research, it absorbs toxic compounds like formaldehyde and benzene. Here are some of the best types of Snake Plants you must consider. Varieties of Snake plant are available on Urban Plants, get a quick view by clicking here

1. Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Mother-in-law’s Tongue’


This cultivar is the most widely cultivated snake plant. Its dark green pointed leaves grow in an upward direction and can reach up to 3 feet. Its flowers are in white or cream colors, resembling lilies.

2. Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Twist’


Like the name, its pointy leaves twist from the top. It grows up to 2 feet tall and has a yellow variegated border with horizontal stripes. It is a slow-growing plant, so expect it to keep the area green, wherever you put it, for long!

3. Sansevieria ‘Golden hahnii’


this variety of Snake plant is a dwarf cultivar that grows up to 10 inches tall. Its dark green foliage has a distinctive, creamy margin with an upright and dense rosette appearance, making it perfect for coffee tables.

4. Sansevieria ‘Futura robusta’


Futura robusta is an easy to maintain plant, with short and broad leaves. This exclusive variety has silver-green foliage with dark green horizontal stripes. It is a popular compact variety snake plant, growing 24 inches tall.

5. Sansevieria ‘Black gold’


Sansevieria black gold is one of the most attractive types of snake plants. They have dark green, broad leaves with yellow outlines on the edges. Like the other species, they grow well in low light conditions, reaching up to 30-35 inches in height.

6. Sansevieria ‘Cylindrica’


Offering an appeal of the lucky bamboo plant, the Cylindrica can grow up to 20-24 inches tall and thrives well in indirect sunlight. Water it regularly for best growth.

7. Sansevieria ‘Laurentii’


Its dark green leaves with yellow borders look beautiful with zig-zag, horizontal stripes. It grows up to 30-24 inches long. Divide the plant for propagation.

8. Sansevieria ‘Bantel’s sensation’

This cultivar grows up to 30-32 inches tall, making it an apt choice as an indoor plant. With a faint white line running at the border on its narrow leaves, it makes quite a statement. Save from drought since it can cause brown spots on leaves.

9. Sansevieria ‘Desert’


Also known as the rhino grass, thanks to its pointed succulent leaves with a red tint. It grows in an upward direction, reaching a height of 20-24 inches. This variety is native to the Kalahari desert in Africa. Order your Snake plants available on Urban Plants

10. Sansevieria ‘Moonshine’


The silvery-green leaves of moonshine make it one of the best types of Snake Plants. It reaches up to 4 feet in height and also acts as an air purifier. It thrives well in neglect and doesn’t need much attention.

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11. Sansevieria masoniana ‘Mason congo’


Sansevieria Masoniana is also known as the ‘Whale fin’ or ‘Shark fin.’ This succulent plant has stunning foliage, with dark green leaves and light green spots. It can reach up to 45 inches in height.

12. Sansevieria kirkii ‘Star sansevieria’


Also known as the Pangane Sansevieria, this variety is quite popular among houseplant growers. The leaves develop up to 6 feet long and 3-4 inches wide. It has dark green foliage with unique, fluorescent green patterns. Allow the soil to dry between watering spill.

13. Sansevieria gracilis


This compact variety of snake plants grows up to 18 inches. It has a pointy, long, narrow and plumped leaves, ringed in white-green color. Partial, bright, and indirect sunlight is ideal for them.

14. Sansevieria fischeri


If you’re fond of growing small plants, then this variety is perfect for you. It attains a height of less than 16 inches. It blooms in summers with a cluster of white flowers. During winters, plant it indoors, as it can not bear frost and cold winds.

15. Sansevieria patens


Sansevieria Patens forms a rosette structure with green leaves, lined in dark shade. They grow up to 3 feet tall. Infrequent watering's and bright, indirect sunlight are best for them.

16. Sansevieria canaliculate


Native to Madagascar, Canaliculate grows up to 3 feet tall. This variety cannot resist drought, so keep them indoors during winters. Keep them in indirect sunlight and avoid overwatering.

17. Sansevieria ballyi

This variety is also called dwarf sansevieria. It grows up to 6 inches tall with dark green leaves with a light green stripe at the edges. Avoid overwatering as it can cause root rot.

18. Sansevieria Ehrenbergii ‘Blue Sansevieria’

Unlike the name, Blue sansevieria is not blue at all; the green leaves have a touch of copper hue. The plant has an unusual shape with leaves stacked on top of eachother. Indirect, partial sunlight is ideal for the plant. Allow soil to get dry between watering spill.

19. Sansevieria Cleopatra


This attractive hybrid variety is a newbie, growing up to 12-14 inches long. The edges of its foliage are brown with an intricate pattern of dark green. Keep the -plant well watered and allow the soil to get dry before watering again.

20. Sansevieria Parva ‘Kenya Hyacinth’

Kenya hyacinth grows in a rosette form with 6 to 12 leaves, reaching a height of 16 inches. It has white flowers with a pleasing fragrance like hyacinth. Avoid overwatering as it results in root rot.

21. Sansevieria Eillensis Chahin


The blue-green and long leaves of this snake plant variety size up to 5 inches tall. It has spiky flowers, growing up to 12 inches. This snake plant is drought resistant and doesn’t ask for much water.

22. Sansevieria zeylanica ‘Ceylon Bowstring Hemp’


This evergreen perennial variety grows up to 24-28 inches long. The dark green leaves have vertical, with small and large, white spots. Safeguard ceylon bowstring hemp from the attack of mealy bugs and avoid overwatering the plant.

23. Sansevieria Whitney


This compact variety of sansevieria has a snakeskin-like pattern on the leaves. It reaches up to 20 inches in height. The dark green, sword-like leaves are sharp-tipped and very hard to touch. Use well-draining soil and avoid overwatering the plant.

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