Try to Minimise Waste Management at Home

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Waste Management Features

First and most important, try to minimize waste generation and improve waste management. Do not use plastic bags for your waste disposal; instead, you can make your own paper bags out of newspapers. Use several sheets of newspaper stapled together for wet waste and just a single sheet wraps for dry waste. Whatever can be recycled, should be and you can also consider upcycling any items that could be put to good use of waste in a different way to achieve better Waste management.

Waste Segregation 

Separate your kitchen waste from the toxic waste and recyclable waste that is generated at home is a part of waste management process. The idea is to minimize the waste generated from that will end up in landfills, causing pollution both on the ground and in the air. Methane and other harmful gases are produced due to the decay of waste in landfills, and these toxic waste gases are very harmful to the environment.

Compost the organic waste


There are plenty of videos on the internet that can get you started on home Organic composting. Necessarily, you will get a good turnout of organic compost in as little as six weeks and can use it for your indoor plants or in your garden. To achieve better waste management, make a sustainable compost use Sadabahar composter vertical garden planter tower will help the best feature of it is self fertilizing with inbuilt composter attached with planter  which gives meaning of perfect waste management system that is available at Urban plants

Do not hold 

Many of us have the habit of holding on to clothes, books and other stuff that we no longer use or need. Donate any items that are in usable condition to community homes, or orphanages other institutions that could put them to better use. Follow the minimalist way of living, and you will find it easier to keep your home and surroundings clean through waste management. 

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