Top 5 Plants For Good Fortune Gifts

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

There are hundreds of plants which can be gifted on different occasions as per requirement. Some are gifted because of their flowers, some as convenient for indoor rooms, some for having small size and many more.

top 5 plants for good fortune gifts Urban PlantsBut some of the plants have value because of the positive effects they bring in the home. Most people send by making them personalized gifts to USA from India as foreigners also started knowing their value. If you want to give gifts that bring good luck for the person whom you are giving it to, then considering the positive energy gifts is a good choice. These are some most popular vastu related plants which enhance the ambiance, having valuable effects on a person's life.


This beautiful looking plant is available in many varieties from layers to designing patterns as you want. It brings luck and prosperity in a home and is also decorated as an indoor plant. You should consider giving this bamboo tree gift to your loved ones.


Jade plant not only attracts with its structure of plant but also brings wealth, when it is kept in the east direction of the home. It requires full sunlight for rapid growth.


top 5 plants for good fortune gifts Urban PlantsThis indoor plant has almost covered every home by spreading its beauty. Apart from this it also reduces the negative energy from home. That's why it is considered as one of the good fortune plants.


Rubber Plant, known for its wide and dark foliage, enhances the beauty of any corner of home. It represents the abundance, wealth and happiness in the home where it is kept.


This plant can be given as a gift for vastu Pooja as it reduces negative energy from home, purifies air around it and brings abundance and wealth in the home.

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