Top 4 Flowering Plant Gifts For Friends

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

If you are also in a category who doesn't know what gift to give a friend to impress him on this friendship day. Then urban plants have solved your problem. The best gift for friendship day is flowering plant.

A flowering plant is the most loving and trending gift which fits for any special occasion. Flowering plants will include indoor and outdoor flowering plants. Both of the category enhance the beauty of the area. But most popular category includes indoor flowering plants because many people wants to decorate their room and inner space with plants and they fulfill it.

So if you are also searching friendship day gifts online then you should consider gifting plants. The top most loving and trending flowering plants in a gift packet for friendship day will be.


This elegant plant has a property to bloom in a soilless medium. It fits for bedrooms and gives the ambiance a different look. Orchids flowers after blooming still constantly continuously be like that for six to nine weeks. It blooms in fall season and after a year it again grows it's flower stalk.


This beautiful plant has a unique flower which looks like colored leaves. Anthurium needs bright but indirect sunlight that makes it fit as a houseplant. They should  be less watered if going to be placed in an area of low light.


Peace lily has its own beauty with its white flower which shows peace, purity, and prosperity wishes for the one whom you are gifting this plant.


Poinsettia has gained popularity because of its colored leaves and less care requirements. It enhances the inner area and does well as a houseplant. And if you are looking for a friendship day gift to girl then this will be the best choice.

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