Top 10 best office plants

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Office plants Urban plants How to achieve a green boost: Evidence has shown that employees perform better when household plants are added to the workplace . There are many problems in our life that affect the progress of our work.

Why are plants the better corporate gifts for your clients, friends and employees?

Impact of indoor desk plants on our well-being at work

  • One of the main benefits of having indoor plants in your office is stress reduction.
  • Having a green plant in the office can also increase the level of productivity.
  • Workspaces with natural elements have their creativity boosted by about 15% more than those without.

American novelist Frances Hodgson Burnett says that if you look the right way,you will see that the whole world is a garden. 

Top 10 indoor plants

Office plants Urban plants Lucky bamboo plant for office desk

The lucky Bamboo Plant is an indoor plant which is easy to care for and grows well in indirect  sunlight.

Most people grow lucky bamboo plants in small indoor containers.many people believe that these exotic plants generate good luck

Money Plant

Also known as Epipremnum aureum.

  • The leaves of this plant produce a good positive energy
  • To grow and maintain this plant you don't need to put any extra effort from your side.

Snake Plant

The snake plant, commonly referred to asMother-in-law's tongue.plant also used as small desk plants in your office. Snake plant brings positive energy when kept in the East,South,orSouth East Direction

ZZ Plant

It is scientifically proven that ZZ plants can remove toxic substances from the air. ZZ plants are ideally suited for bright indirect light, but part of their popularity comes from their ability to live in lower light situations as well

Succulents Plant

Succulents make such popular houseplants because of their hardiness and ability to grow in a wide variety of climates.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera also is very special from the perspective of vastu shastra. It filters the air around it and also they require little to no special care.

Red Aglaonema Plant

The aglaonema plant, also known as Chinese evergreen.A favorite in China, this Asian native is traditionally considered good luck.Red Aglaonema plant is a great low-light indoor plant and is easy to grow, even for beginners.

Spider Plant

Spider plants help clean indoor Toxic air. Amazing air purifier that reduces the harmful elements from the atmosphere. 

Tillandsia Bulbosa

The Tillandsia bulbosa,also called a tally bulbosa,Tillandsia pumila,Tillandsia erythraea and the bulbous air plant.. It is the most popular office plant.

Peace Lily

Peace Lilies(Spathiphyllum),also known as closet plants,are a popular choice for offices and homes.They're easy to maintain.

Peace Lily Benefits

  • It,Purifies air
  • It's A Low Maintenance Plant

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