Tips for Building and Maintaining Vertical Garden

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

With the right tools and supplies, a vertical garden can be a fun and easy DIY project that complements your outdoor vertical garden. Here are some tips for maintaining your modern vertical garden.

Choose the right plants

Not every kind of plant will thrive in your vertical garden, or the ones you imaged in your design may not be in season. Be sure whichever plants you choose are right for the season to ensure longevity.
Make sure your containers are in well-draining condition. Whether you’re creating a hanging container garden or filling up window boxes with plants, your vertical garden planters should have adequate drainage holes to prevent a buildup of mildew and fungus.

Choose the right location

You may have the perfect space to build your green wall, but if it never sees the sunlight, your plants won’t be able to survive. Unless your vertical gardening systems are moveable, choose a location that will get adequate sunlight.
Water your vertical garden plants regularly. Unless you have an automated irrigation system, you’ll need to remember to water your vertical garden plants. Due to the increased air circulation and sun exposure, plants may need to be inserted vertical garden watering system.

Check for pests and disease

Though modern vertical gardens are less susceptible to pests and disease, they can still pose a threat to certain crops if left unattended. Periodically check your flowers, leaves, and soil for any signs of malnourishment or infection. If you’d rather not use soil, you can grow your plants through a hydroponic vertical garden system.

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