Things To Know About Rajnigandha Flower

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Rajnigandha plant,famous for its fragrance is a nocturnal plant which blooms at night unlike other flowers.Rajnigandha in English known as Tuberose.The flower grows through bulbs or tubers.The flower grows on a stalk which can goes upto 1 meter tall.About 10-15 flowers blooms started from below upto 2-3 months continuously

Planting Season of Rajinigandha Flower

Rajnigandha flower propagates through its tubers also called as bulbs.It is of conical shape in which pointed side is from where  shoots come out.This flower plant thrives best in well drained and highly nutritious soil,so make sure your potting mix should contain proper amount of coco peat,cow dung fertilizer and sand.

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The bulbs should be planted 6-8 inches apart for having proper growth.During the germination period,planted bulbs should be kept at a place where not more than 2-3 hours of sunlight is coming.Don't water frequently at this time as that causes the rotting of Rajnigandha bulbs


Planting Rajinigandha Flower Bulbs

In India,March to May is considered as best months for planting rajnigandha bulbs.When temperature will not go more than 28 degree celsius as that will affect the foliage growth of Rajanigandha flower.If temperature goes down 15 degree celsius the bulbs goes in dormant stage.

Rajnigandha Flower Plant care

After foliage comes out from bulbs,keep the pot at the place where 6-7 hours of sunlight is coming.

Water plants when the soil surface seems slightly dry.It takes at least 3 months to have flowers from rajnigandha bulbs.After a flower stalk comes out from plant.It is necessary to use any support to the stalks and protect it from high wind.

To prevent it from any pest spray with the neem water solution, which will be made by boiling neem leaves in water for at least 15 minutes and then let it cool down completely.

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