The 5 Best Low-Light and Low Maintenance indoor plants for office desk

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.
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For many people around the world the office is like a second home.but Spending 9 To 5 Or more hours in office can seem like a drag. But plants can reduce the stressors that affect our lives the most                                 

Pressure at work is unavoidable,but a green and leafy way to reduce its intensity.The study carried by the University of Hyogo in Awaji has observed that placing potted plants at the work desk can lead to some reduction in work induced stress among office workers And According to Science of vastu, when you place lucky bamboo plant in the east or southeast direction,it increases the flow of positive energy.

Grow these positive energy plants indoors for a peaceful and calm interior in your office desk.

Jade Plant

Scientifically known as Crassula Ovata, the jade plant is good for an office desk as it adds a lot of beauty and natural greenery.

These evergreen plants are pretty to look at, and being surrounded by them can provide a sense of freshness and positivity.

Snake Plant

Snake plant is a well known species of flowering is also known as Mother-in-law’s Tongue and is ideal for indoors. 

There are some reasons for keeping snake plant in your desk and also can sent that plant to your friend as gift,s with best wishes

  • Low Maintenance plant-It can survive in all kind of conditions
  • Snake plant is also one of the most famous bedroom plants because it converts carbon monoxide into oxygen at night.

Peace Lily

Office plants Urban plants It is a perfect plant for both your home and office 

Peace Lilies are another low-maintenance plant that can make a lovely addition to your workplace desk.

These plants are known for enhancing indoor air quality.

Golden Pothos

Pothos, (Epipremnum aureum), also called golden pothos, money plant, or devil's ivy.

Place a Pothos in almost any spot with enough light, and it will stay happy. It doesn’t require high humidity levels to maintain

According to a NASA study, Pothos is one of those plants that are great at removing indoor air pollution


The Calathea plant is a popular plant used for indoor office decoration purposes.They are famous for their green, colorful leaves.

This houseplant that really purifies the air.

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