Steps of Effective Hotel Waste Management

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Why it is important to manage the Hotel wastes?

Hotels are one of the most important aspect in waste management as it produces different types of wastes which should be manage properly to balance the Urban areas pollution. To manage hotel wastes properly first you should know to separate them as per their property.Steps of Effective Hotel Waste Management-Urban-Plants

It is important to categorize the types and quantity of organic waste produced by every department of the hotel industry so that it is managed properly. For example, wastes like (jars, bottles, cardboard), office waste (like papers, documents, brochures), organic waste (vegetable and fruit peels, flowers) can be segregated in color-coded bins for easy and hassle-free waste management.

The overall wastes should categorized into two. These are-

1.Wet wastes- In hotel's kitchen a lot of waste produces which includes fruits and vegetable peels, leftover cooked foods, etc which usually dumped directly by the hotels.Steps of Effective Hotel Waste Management-Urban-Plants

2.Dry wastes- Nowadays many things are coming in the plastics packaging so most of wastes generated in hotels are of different kinds of plastics. The wastes like metal containers of disinfectants or floor cleaner can be recycled.

Waste Hierarchy 

This concept was presented by Waste on Line (2006) provides options to waste management by prevention, reuse, minimization, recycle, recovery and disposal which prevents a lot of waste from going to the waste stream. Recovery is the most important part of the process because some value of the waste material is retrieved through recycling. The last step is waste disposal which generally involves landfill and incineration of waste.


Hotel industry generates a lot of waste and most of the time it is sent to the landfills without being treated properly. The first step in managing the data analysis of waste is to perform a waste management audit. Waste auditing is identifying the process of productivity from organic waste management practices in hotels. With the help of trash compactors or industrial balers wastes can the volume of waste can be immensely reduced which makes it easier to handle and cost of waste disposal management is reduced. Right from hospitals to hotel chains compactors of different shapes, sizes and convenience will prove to be perfect as a waste disposal tool.

The organic waste in the hotel waste management can be reduced with the help of a food composter. Composting is a biological process which needs certain temperature ventilation, moisture, and carbon and nitrogen ratio. Compost is a very useful soil conditioner and fertile manure. To make a sustainable compost use Sadabahar composter vertical garden planter tower will help the best feature of it is self fertilizing with inbuilt composter attached with planter that is available at Urban plants in India. Steps of Effective Hotel Waste Management-Urban-plants

If you want to manage your hotel wastes, then this vertical garden tower will work best for you as you can decorate this planter in your hotel and plant varieties of plants in it.


Model and framework development 

A framework is developed with special focus on which can save cost on local vendors and labour cost for handling waste management. It is classified into two:


  • Profitability from Recyclable and Compostable material of Waste:  This is the method of generating profit from the business events in a firm. The tool to increase the total profit by any methodical plan.
  • Sustainability from Solid Waste Management: Everything you need to survive is sustainability. When the economic, social and environmental aspects are taken care of and has all the required conditions to sustain from managing waste, any framework can survive if these three aspects are within.

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