Step by step Procedure to make compost in Garden Bags

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Garden bags compost Urban plants Sort the material like Put the brown material in first, followed by the green material, then the soil and finally the water. Tie off the garden bags, making sure no air can enter and put it inside the other black garbage bag. Secure the second garden bags, put it in a sunny spot if possible, and get comfortable.
After eight weeks of time period, check on your garbage bag compost. You’ll know your compost is ready to use when it becomes dark, has no remnants of food or garden waste and smells like the fresh compost you get at your nursery. It should look like this:
Composting process Urban plants If your compost looks unfinished, let it sit a bit for a few more weeks . It could take six months to a year to produce good, usable compost from garden waste which results in waste management.

Composting in a Garden Bags Tips:

  • Store compost garden bags outdoors in the summer and in a heated basement or garage in the winter.
  • Turn your garden bag once every two weeks to mix up the materials.
  • Don’t add more compostable material to your bag.
  • Be patient until it compost 
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