Step by Step Procedure To Make Compost In Garden Bags

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Due to continuously increasing population urban City are getting highly dense. People are living in a very limited space and do best to make their home looks beautiful. People who are passionate about growing plants, for them there are many methods and materials are now available with the help of that they can make their own jungle in a very limited space of their home. The methods like balcony gardening, terrace or roof gardening are some great ideas to fill your home with different kinds of flowers, fruits and vegetables plants.

 Step by Step Procedure To Make Compost In Garden Bags-Urban PlantsAnd not this many people are now making their own compost for plants by using their garden and kitchen wastes. So if you are also one of those who wants to manage your household waste and convert it into quality compost then this Article is surely for you. It will help you in providing you the simplest way of making compost at your home.

Steps of making compost in garden bags

Step by Step Procedure To Make Compost In Garden Bags-Urban Plants

Garden bags can be easily found in a home which is used in growing plants .It is light in weight which makes it suitable for balcony or terrace gardening and it also has enough space to grow 2-3 plants. This can also be used as a container for making compost in which you can easily collect garden and kitchen waste for composting.

1.Select an area for keeping a garden bag for composting. It should be at the corner of terrace or balcony.

2.Make a layer with brown leaves, sawdust or cocopeat etc materials.

3.Put the kitchen wastes upon it.

  1. Again cover it with a layer of cocopeat ,soil or brown leaves.
  2. Turn periodically to increase the composting process equally.
  3. And when the garden bag will be filled up use the second bag to do the same process .And keep the first one aside for one month.
  4. After one month it will be ready to use.
Composting-process-Urban plants

Advantages of making compost in garden bags-

  1. Garden bags are light weighted and reusable.
  2. It's the best choice for a limited and small home.
  3. They are cheap and easily available.




If you need a better option than garden bags you can try Sadabahar composter vertical garden planter which results in better composting and fertilization which serves directly to the plants which are present in the planter. The planter capacity is 55. If you are interested you can grab the best deal of Sadabahar composter vertical garden planters at Urban plants

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