Spider Plant Benefits

by Samin Rizvi

1. Health Benefits For Patients

Spider plant and other indoor plants were placed in hospital rooms of the patients recovering from surgery. It was observed that patients staying in plant rooms had positive effects compare to those who were kept in rooms without plants. Lower systolic blood pressure, and lower ratings of pain, anxiety, and fatigue were recorded.

2. Hard to Kill

If you’re a serious serial indoor plant killer, spider plant can end your streak. It thrives on neglect and can adapt to various climatic conditions easily. It’s a very forgiving houseplant and doesn’t mind the occasional mistakes of overwatering and underwatering. It grows in both low light and part sunlight, although we suggest to place it at a spot with bright indirect sunlight.

3. Easier Breathing

Plants improve the breathing habitat for humans, and spider plants are no exception to that. It’s easy to understand from the simple fact that plants produce oxygen and we consume it. So having a houseplant like a spider plant at your workplace or home will naturally increase the indoor oxygen levels. Another interesting point is that variegated varieties of spider plant produce more chlorophyll than other variegated houseplants which means more oxygen production.

4. Safe For Pets

Before choosing any plant to improve indoor air quality, it is crucial to know whether that plant is safe for your pets or not. Also, we didn’t find any evidence of spider plant toxicity to pets in our research.

5. Removes Pollutants

 It is most effective in removing carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, Xylene, and toluene. It is better than many indoor plants that participated in that experiment

6. It Removes PM, Nitrogen Dioxide, and Ozone

7. Appealing Appearance

One of the spider plant benefits is, it looks very appealing as a houseplant. The best part is that you can plant it in a hanging basket or any usual pot. The spiderettes that outgrow from the mother plant and appear as if the spiders are dangling down from the pot enhances the beauty of this plant

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