Solid Waste Management and Their Issues in India

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

In the list of developing countries, India is gaining better rank as it is focusing on the industrialization, production unit setup which increases the employment opportunity for the country's people. But as a result of this the waste generation of the country has also increased. And due to the poor management system it is spreading in the ecosystem of the country and polluting it.Solid Waste Management and Their Issues in India-Urban Plants

The major wastes includes plastics, agriculture wastes, and other toxic materials coming out from various industries. These wastes are mixed with the other biodegradable materials and causing enormous pollution by producing harmful gases. If the wet and dry wastes are segregated and handle properly, then around 70% of wastes will automatically reduce. 

If you want to handle your wastes generated from your home, and only dump the small amount of wastes. Then first start segregating the wet and dry wastes. and make compost out of the wet wastes for your plants. And collect plastics and metal based materials for ragpickers to sell.Solid Waste Management and Their Issues in India-Urban Plants

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Solid Waste Management in India includes the entire process of dealing with solid waste:

Solid Waste Management and Their Issues in India-Urban Plants

Solid Waste Management

Solid Waste Management and waste dump is a major problem in India. According to official estimations, around 62 million tonnes of solid waste is generated from all over the country annually.
Recently, the collapse of a great wall of garbage in east Delhi’s Ghazipur area served as a stark reminder to the authorities of India's neglected waste management crisis. New Delhi generates more than 10,000 tonnes of garbage on a daily basis, posing a public safety hazard particularly in the dumping sites.
The extent of the current Waste Management crisis is understood by the very fact that only 80 percent of waste that is generated in urban areas is collected and merely 28 percent of it is collected and dumped.Solid Waste Management and Their Issues in India-urban Plants
The waste dump sites in most Indian cities are presently overburdened. Urban landfill sites having biodegradable waste are a major cause of odour pollution often leading to headaches, anxiety, nausea, sleep disorders among others.
A study found out that more than three-fourths of solid waste management in India budget is allotted to collection and transportation, leaving very little for processing or resource recovery and disposal of waste.

Issues in solid waste management in India include:


  • Lack of scientific and systematic storage of waste at source originating from the problem of waste segregation
  • Waste Dump sites are left unattended leading to serious environmental issues.
  • At source, people generally don’t arrange to provide proper dustbins for segregated waste in residential as well as commercial areas. 

A Modern Solution of Waste Management


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