Signs that Show Your Plants Need Nitrogen

by Samin Rizvi

Learn how to check for Signs That Show Your Plants Need Nitrogen and save their foliage and flowers from getting damaged over time.

Nitrogen deficiency in the soil brings noticeable signs in the foliage of plants. Since it is an essential component responsible for plant development, it is essential that you always look out for Signs That Show Your Plants Need Nitrogen.

Why is Nitrogen Necessary for Plants?

Plants need nitrogen to make proteins and amino acids. It is also an essential part of their DNA structure. If the plant is not getting enough nitrogen, then it won’t be able to make cells, which may lead to stunted growth and eventually death.

Signs That Show Your Plants Need Nitrogen

  • The plant’s foliage becomes pale green to yellow-green, losing its shine. Younger leaves are affected the most in particular.
  • The stems will become droopy, turning into a shade of purple or reddish.
  • Plants produce smaller than ordinary blossoms that may wilt and die faster than expected. Since the plant doesn’t support growth due to the lack of nitrogen, the resulting blooms may be less and of poor quality.
  • Without sufficient nitrogen in the soil, plant development is probably going to be delayed and it will show stunted growth.

What Causes Nitrogen Deficiency?

  • Too much manganese, potassium, and zinc in the growing medium.
  • Low nitrogen content in the soil.
  • Too much calcium or chloride in the water or soil.
  • High pH value in the soil.
  • Nitrogen, being easily soluble, getting washed from the growing medium.

How To Correct Nitrogen Deficiency In Soil

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