Secret Tips for Growing Most Fragrant Herbs

by Samin Rizvi

Follow these Secret Tips for Growing Most Fragrant Herbs to make your cuisines taste more flavorful, aromatic, and delectable!

Today, we have some Secret Tips for Growing Most Fragrant Herbs that will help you have an abundant and sweet-smelling supply!

Secret Tips for Growing Most Fragrant Herbs

1. Do Less Watering

Water the herbs less and only reach for the can when you feel the topsoil is dry to touch. The herbs become more fragrant when the oil content is high, and it happens with less watering. If the soil constantly stays moist, it will decrease the oil content of the herb.

2. Provide Enough Space to Spread

Most herb varieties do well in small containers until they become pot-bound. But, surviving and flourishing are two different aspects. Provide your herbs with enough space. Adequate space gives good air circulation that will ultimately result in better growth and fragrance.

3. Pick Herbs Just Before Flowering

Harvest herbs before they flower. If not, the foliage growth will decline, and the leaves will also lose their flavor or become bitter. Also, pick the leaves when they are tender as they have the highest concentration of oil, which adds to the taste and fragrance.

4. Harvest in Morning

Harvesting herbs during the morning when the dew dries is best for flavor and aroma. As the oil content is generally on the higher side at dawn in the leaves, you will get the best fragrance!

5. Start with Good Quality Herbs

The fragrance depends a lot on the seed quality. Also, the plant’s health from which you have taken cuttings is important for the right aroma and flavor while propagating. The variety and type of the herb you are going to grow is also an important concern; for e.g., flat-leaf parsley is more aromatic, whereas curly-leaf parsley is less fragrant, so choose wisely.

6. Choose the Location Wisely

Location plays an important role in making your herbs healthy and fragrant. The plant must get plenty of light, specifically the morning sun, as it plays an important role in keeping the plant lush and smell good!

7. Fertilize with Less-Nitrogen Content

Generally, herbs do not require much fertilizing. Extra application can result in excessive leaf growth, less flavor, and fragrance. Instead of using high nitrogen fertilizer, use a balanced feed. Refer to the label for dosage and application instructions.

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