Protection of Sapota From Insects and Diseases

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Sapota plants are almost insect resistant but it is compulsory to save them from the cold. There are some insects that trouble sapota such as caterpillars, Banana spotting bugs. This problem can be tackled by pesticide spraying and there are no major diseases of Sapota, the rust of a leaf, which causes the small leaves to be destroyed.

Pest and their control:

Moth (Leaf Webber): The symptoms are the dark brown color patches are seen on the chiku leaves. It ultimately leads to withering and drying of Sapota tree branches.
Treatment: Spraying of carbaryl@600gm or quinalphos@300ml or chlorpyiphos@200ml in 150ltr of water is done at the interval of 20 days after new shoot formation or at the time of fruit harvest.

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Bud worm: They are moth caterpillars which destroy the vegetative buds by feeding themselves on sapota plant.
Treatment: Spraying of fame 20ml in 150 ltr or quinalphos@300ml of water per acre is done.

Hairy caterpillar: They destroy the sapota plant by feeding themselves on new shoots and twigs.
Treatment: Spraying of quinalphos@300ml in 150 ltr of water to sapota tree per acre is done.

Sapota trees Disease and their control:


Leaf spot: Deep purplish brown color spots which are white from the center and are round in shape are seen on Chiku leaves. Long spots are seen on the stem of fruits and petals of sapota plants.
Treatment: Spraying of copper oxychloride@400gm per acre to sapota is done.
Heart rot: It is a fungal disease that causes the decay of wood to Sapota at the center of the trunk and branches.
Treatment: Spraying of Carbendazim@400gm or Z-78@400gm in 150 ltr of water per acre of Sapota crop is done.

Anthracnose: On stem and branches of Sapota Tree, deep sunken wounds of canker are seen and on leaves, brown color stains are seen.
Treatment: Spraying of copper oxychloride or M-45@400gm per 150ltr water is done to get rid of anthracnose diseases.

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