Role waste segregation in waste management

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Waste Segregation at home Urban plants Waste segregation basically means keeping wet and dry wastes separately, so that dry can be recycled and wet waste can be composted manually.

Why should I do Waste Management at home 

  • So that it reduces waste generation that reaches landfills and reduces pollution to air and water in waste management. 
  • So that different processes like recycling, composting, incineration can be applied to different kinds of waste

Practice of Waste management at home

  • Keep separate containers for dry and wet waste in the kitchen as well as Hall. 
  • Keep two bags for dry waste collection plastic and paper, for the rest of the household waste
  • Keep plastic from the kitchen clean and dry and drop into the dry waste bin. Keep glass or plastic containers rinsed of food matter
  • Send wet waste out of the home daily to escape from the smell. Store and send dry waste out of the home, once a week.
  • Keep a paper bag for throwing the sanitary waste and dry waste. 

First few steps to initiating waste management in the apartment complex

  • Vertical garden tower Urban plants Form a group of like-minded people for a community waste management. 
  • Explain waste segregation to your family or neighbors in your apartment building.
  • Get separate storage drums for storing the dry waste and wet waste.
  • Get the staff in the apartment building to also understand
  • Have the dry waste picked up by the Dry waste collection centre or your local scrap dealer for waste management. 
After waste segregation You can convert the waste into compost. To make a compost from compostable materials we can use Sadabahar composter vertical garden planter tower. The best feature of it is self fertilizing with inbuilt composter attached with planter that is available at Urban plants

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