Reselling Business

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

WHAT IS A RESALE BUSINESS: A business where one seller buys a product from a manufacturer or a wholesaler and sells it again to a customer. Thus, it is a network of 3 parties – a wholesaler/manufacturer, a Reseller business, and a customer.

WHY RESALE BUSINESS? In a reselling business, there is no need to create your own product with new innovations. Also, it saves the time and labour that is needed to create something new, and getting customers for a new product in the competitive market is not an easy job. With advancements in technology and the continuous growth of e-commerce activities, the Reselling business is gaining a faster pace day by day.

WHO CAN DO A RESELLING BUSINESS? – Anyone who is having the resale certificate and appropriate license can start their business. Resellers are exempted from sales tax. Reselling of products can be done within a state and also between states with a proper follow-up of state regulatory guidelines.


  • Registration of the business with the appropriate license.
  • Following up with the concerned state laws.
  • Getting a permit license for the Resale business.

TYPES OF A RESALE BUSINESS: Any commodity can be taken up for a resale business be it clothing, pieces of machinery, planting materials, etc.

PROFIT FROM A RESALE BUSINESS: A reseller increases the price at which he purchases any commodity from the wholesaler before selling it to the customer. The increase in price is the profit of a reseller. However, a Reseller provides some value additions that make up for the extra price that a customer pays. A Reseller has to give proper product information, maintain good customer service, etc. A value-adding reseller can get higher profit margins naturally.


  • Be honest and maintain transparency in the business.
  • Prioritize customer satisfaction.
  • Use of good quality images while marketing the products.
  • Use of a well-maintained website that will increase internet traffic.
  • Detailed information about the suppliers so that continuous supply of quality products are ensured.

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