Reason Behind Planting Snake Plants in Colleges and Schools

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

1-Why do we plant spider plant  in schools and colleges? 

Planting of spider plant in schools and colleges inside or outside the classes is best to choose as spider plant enhances  the beauty of that place. It increases humidity and make breath easier. It protect us by Airborne diseases such a cold ,cough qnd breathing problem. It remove 95% of chemical from the air in 24 hours only. 

2-Importance of growing spider tree in schools and colleges

Spider plant  is low maintenance plant so it can be planted in schools and colleges where it is easy to handle and does not require much care .It can tolerate low light and spider plant is best for indoor planting it requires bright and indirect sunlight.

3- 5 benefits of planting spider plant in schools and colleges

  • Spider plant keeps the surroundings fresh and soothe.
  • It is easy to grow and handle
  • Spider plant filter stocks including carbon monoxide, Benzene, formaldehyde, xylene and touline. 
  • It is almost hard to kill.
  • Spider plant has high survival rate and it is long lasting. 

4-Care and management of spider plant 

spider plant is planted outside it is always happy and fresh while planting it in indoors water it once in a week and  should be avoided from direct sunlight . It should be planted in partially shaded area water it when soil is dry and over watering may damage the plant.

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