Pre Planting care of Thai white Guava

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Thai Guava plant Urban plants Guava trees are easy to grow, delicious fruit producing trees often producing 75 pounds of fruit per year. Thai Guava plants will grow happily, flower and fruit in a pot or in-ground. Guava plants add a tropical accent to any outdoor space, garden or patio. In cooler zones a containerized Guava fruit plant can be relocated indoors for the winter months.
When you receive your new Guava fruit tree, there is no need to worry about planting right away. Your new small guava plant can be stored for a while by simply placing it in a bucket and moving it to a shady location, simply to keep it moist. This will give you plenty of time to select the ideal location for your new Guava tree.

Container Requirement: 

Thai Guava plant Urban plants All Guava tree varieties grow very well in containers, indoors or on the patio. Smaller varieties grow best indoors in 10″ to 14″ diameter containers while larger varieties need enough room for growth, generally a 14″ to a 24″ diameter, 14″ deep container will suffice. Remember the looser the roots, the taller and healthier your Guava plant will be. When the small guava plant becomes root bound its growth will slow, at that point it is time for a larger pot.

Soil requirement: 

Thai White Guava plant enjoys a well drained, general potting mix easily found at your local box store. Remember to try to stay away from arid or wet, mucky soils.

Landscape and Lighting: 

This Small Guava plant requires 80-100% sunlight. Depending on your location, full sun is often best. In the northern end of their growth zone Taiwan White Guava should be brought indoors or protected during the winter months. The patio zone is 4b-11 which means the potted plant will flourish over the summer months in colder zones but must be brought inside before winter.

Outdoor availability: 

At the nursery these Guava plants are grown under 20-40% shade cloth. If you plant this Guava plant in a brightly lit area you may experience leaf burn disease. It is best to acclimate this small guava plant to its environment by keeping it outside and slowly moving it into a sunny area over a week or two to avoid stress before planting.

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