Potting and Pruning conditions of chausa Mango tree

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Chaunsa mango plant Potting Urban plants You’ll need to dig a large hole digg that is 4 times the width and 3 times the depth of the mango tree’s container. Place the Chausa tree in the ground and use the original soil to fill the space around the roots and base of the tree. Firm the Chaunsa mango tree in with your foot to remove any air pockets and then water it well. It can be kept in the same pot or container till the plant outgrows the pot size. It can then be repotted in a bigger pot or container. 
Take a new bigger container, Cover the holes at the bottom with pieces of Earthen pots or the Mesh net to avoid waterlogging and for well-draining. Add some soil and Manure(chaunsa mango fertilizer) mixture to begin with. Take the Original Soil ball out from the existing container without breaking it and shift to the new pot. Thereafter, add soil mixture around the empty space in a bigger pot and press gently. Water it and put it in a shaded area for some days for acclimatization. Thereafter, shift to the desired Location again.

Chausa Aam Care of & Pruning Mango Tree

Chaunsa mango plant Repotting Urban plants Your chausa variety of mango tree will need weekly watering during its first three years of growth. After this, we need to water it during extended periods of drought. It’s not necessary to water plants twice during fall or winter. Fast growing mango trees, you can create a framework of lateral branches of mango tree by pruning. Do this after harvesting the Chaunsa mango tree to increase the amount of fruit your tree produces.
When pruning, choose a few of the top branches each year and use loppers to remove them back to their original join point (crotch). It is better to keep your tree to a maximum of 15 feet about 5 m left to its own devices; it may grow up to 30 feet. You can fertilize your chaunsa mango tree with a liquid organic seaweed fertilizer as the fruit begins to form on the tree and again as the fruit matures

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