Post Care After Set Up The Compost Pit

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Once you have set up your compost pit to manage your household wastes, there will be many post care processes you have to follow while composting. If you want to be aware of all the information related to compost pit management then this Article is surely for you. Read carefully to attain mastery in composting at home.Post-Care-After-Set-Up-The-Compost-Pit-Urban-Plants

There are many mistakes made by beginners when they set up their composting, that result in failure in making quality compost . These are some post care you should know about before starting your compost.

1.Always put lid on compost containerPost-Care-After-Set-Up-The-Compost-Pit-Urban-Plants

If you do not cover your compost bin with a lid, it will be exposed with the water in the rainy season and will make your compost soggy and give off a rotten smell. It is very important to cover the bin properly.

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2.Balance moisture content

If you are not balancing the moisture content of your compost then it will slow down the decomposing process as it affects the microbes present in it. If it is too dry then sprinkle some water on it. And if it's too wet then put some carbon rich materials like dry leaves, sawdust etc.

3.Balancing carbon and nitrogen rich materialsPost-Care-After-Set-Up-The-Compost-Pit-Urban-Plants

It is very important to balance carbon and nitrogen rich materials as it will determine your compost quality. Carbon rich materials includes dry leaves, saw dust, coconut coir, etc and nitrogen rich materials includes green grass, leaves, and kitchen wastes etc. If it will not be balanced properly, the composting process will not happen properly. Few situations offer the ideal soil mix of materials. But by observing the quantities of materials deposited in the compost pit over time, you can easily track the nitrogen and carbon contents in it. 

4.Turning periodicallyPost-Care-After-Set-Up-The-Compost-Pit-Urban-Plants

Continuous putting of materials layer by layer and not turning it periodically will reduce the amount of air at the bottom of the container due to compaction, as a result the compost will start to give rotten smell.

So make sure to turn the compost every 3-4 days properly to ensure the composting process all over.

5. Ensure Good amount of microbesPost-Care-After-Set-Up-The-Compost-Pit-Urban-Plants

Microorganisms are the one who breakdowns the organic matter and convert it into compost. If they are not in required amount your composting process will automatically goes down. So if the compost is very dry, microbes will not be able to survive. Add enough microbes into your compost. You can also add some amount of buttermilk to increase the microbes in it.


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