Post care After digging the compost pit

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Post composting process Urban plants Ensure the right mix of green and dry leaves
Water the pit every 2 to 4 days But if the ratio is above 30:1, the substrate is nitrogen-starved. Conversely, if the ratio is too low, say below 15:1 some nitrogen(N) would leave the system as ammonia. The composting process may slowed down too.

Ensure the right C:N ratio

Nearly all plant and animal matter have both carbon and nitrogen, but the ratios are different. Dry, browning leaves contain more carbon, while green leaves contain more nitrogen(N). Dry autumn leaves contain carbon and nitrogen in the ratio of about 50:1, depending on the tree species. Whereas the ratio in fresh grass clippings is about the ration 15:1.
Few situations offer the ideal soil mix of materials. But by observing the quantities of materials deposited in the compost pit over time, you can easily track the nitrogen and carbon contents in it. 

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