Plants which prevents soil erosion in your garden

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Erosion is a natural phenomenon, but since it causes damage to vegetation, landscapes, agriculture, and property, it’s considered a serious environmental issue. The degraded land that’s left in the wake of long-term erosion can make formerly vibrant areas look more like a wasteland.


Erosion is a naturally occurring process where soil and nutrient present in soil gets displaced due to three main reasons –

  • Strong winds
  • Heavy water movement
  • Destructive human activities

Strong winds and landslides which occur due to abnormal weather are one of the major contributor to this however climate change and global warming due to non – sustainable human activities are nowhere less accelerating this . The best thing is that erosion can be slowed down or controlled entirely by using natural solutions such as plants ,  best part is these plants looks aesthetically decent and are treat to our eyes .

  • Groundcover - Commonly known as ‘ creeping plants’ , they spread across ground very quickly . Their spreading roots hold soil in place which ensure a healthy soil status . Some common species include – alfalfa , clover and mint . Depending upon species you plant some of them flowers as well this will give your garden a winsome look .


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