Plant Gift For Family And Colleagues

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Diwali gift for brother

 There are several plants that can be given as a gift to your brother in Diwali to make him happy like money plant ,peace Lily, snake plant, rose plant  ,football Lily plant and orchids. Orchid plants are one of the best plants that can be given to your brother on Diwali as a Diwali gift because this plant has several benefits and advantages. 

Gifts for parents in India

 Orchid plants can be a gift for your parents in India because in India there is a tradition of keeping plants in your home for several religious customs . So gifting plants to your parents is one of the best ideas. You can surprise your mother by giving them a pink orchid to impress her on Mother's day, on her birthday or on any other occasion. Pink orchids are the symbol of feminism so best for gifting to females.

Best gift for old parents in India

 In India the old people prefer to live around greenery which is also healthy for them as greenery provides them fresh air due to which they feel good. Orchid plants can be given to old parents in India as they can add Orchid plants in their Garden and in their rooms to create greenery around them which is helpful in their old age. Orchids are great air purifiers and release oxygen in large amounts. 

Corporate gift onlineplant gift for family and colleagues urban plants

 It is a very difficult task to choose a gift for your colleagues and boss in your office on any occasion so choosing plants is one of the best ideas to impress them and show your love and care for them. You can choose yellow orchids to give to your colleagues to show the friendship between you and them. You can also choose a pink orchid which is extremely beautiful and a symbol of femininity. So ,you can give it to your female colleagues in your office.

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