Peace Lily Potted Plant Gifts

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Rakhi combo gifts for brother

Brothers are very special people in everyone's life . So , you need to select a good gift from them that can add several benefits in his life .

Peace Lily is a plant that can be given as a gift to your brother.  Peace Lily plant, Jade plant, Cactus plant , orchids etc are good indoor plants , they act as a natural air purifier plant.  Like outdoor air , there are harmful compounds and contaminants present in indoor air also  . So there is a need to keep plants in the house to clean the indoor air . So the combo of such green plants can be given as a combo gift to your brother .

Valentine's day gifts in India 

Peace Lily and other green plants are  plants that cleans and clears the indoor air and makes the air fresh so it is a good plant to give on valentine . Rose plant , Bangkok rose, pink Lily etc are the plants that can be given on valentine in India. These plants create freshness in surroundings wherever kept  and add a touch of beauty to the place.  

Corporate gifts  in Hyderabad

The plants are best gifts to give in a corporate office such as peace Lily, bamboo plants,  Jade plants, Cactus, orchids etc can be given as a gift to your boss and colleagues in the office . Plant gifts can be ordered and sent to different cities such as Hyderabad, Bangalore,  Delhi,  Pune etc.  

Doctor's day gift ideas 

There are several plants that can be gifted on doctor's day to your family doctor such as Cactus, orchids, bamboo plants , Jade plant ,spider plant ,snake plant  , basil tulsi plant etc. Basil tulsi leaves are very helpful to rejuvenate body cells , purifies air . Its leaves are used in tea to control diabetes.  

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