Congo Cockatoo Plant | Parrot Plant

by Samin Rizvi


A Congo Cockatoo (Impatiens niamniamensis) is best treated and kept as a tub plant. Use a large planter with holes in the base. Layer the bottom with potsherds or hydro-pellets. Add potting compost and plant your Congo Cockatoo at the correct depth. Fill up with more potting compost and press firmly in. Water generously as soon as you have planted your Congo Cockatoo (Impatiens niamniamensis).


Congo Cockatoo (Impatiens niamniamensis) makes a lovely houseplant. Give this evergreen a light spot but do protect it from full sun. Your Congo Cockatoo will prefer a cooler spot (10-15° C) in the winter, with very little water. In March cut back the twigs by half then stand the plant where it is a bit warmer. You can now water your Congo Cockatoo (Impatiens niamniamensis) more generously, with a regular addition of plant food when watering.


The Congo Cockatoo (Impatiens niamniamensis) has a bi-coloured bloom that can appear throughout the year as long as the plant feels 'at home'. In Africa where it originated, it can reach a height of 2 metres but here in India the plant is often no taller than 90 cm.

Congo Cockatoo is an African plant (as you may have guessed, having Congo in the name) which is also known as parrot plant as the flowers resemble a parrot head.

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