Mother’s day modern and unique gifts

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Mother’s day plant gifts Urban Plants Nowadays, Mothers Day gifts in India are very unique and modern. Indians are making their mum gifts extra lovable by gifting them plants and home decoration stuff. And plants are taking the place of gifts. Here are some plant gift, gifts which make your mums kitchen cool and aesthetic too ;


Succulents are miniature grtalityifts for your mother as well; they do not need high maintenance until and unless your kitchen gets clear sunlight.


They are beautiful hanging plants and this plant can easily adapt to any kind of environment, they do not require any special care and maintenance too.

Spider Plants

Mother’s day plant gifts Urban Plants Spider plants are one type of hanging plant also, and this plant is low maintenance. You don’t need to maintain it well always, but never plant a spider plant in direct sunlight.


Aloe Vera is a plant of immortality, and you can plant them in the kitchen for multiple purposes, you can also use it in skin care and it can be also used in multiple natural remedies, which is always loved by your mother.

Money Plant

Money plants are generally known for their property of bringing wealth in your house. It can be the best gift for your mother to give a plant which is good for the whole family and easy to care for.

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