Most Popular Varieties Of Caladium Plant

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.
Caladium plant is an indoor plant which performs well in shady or semi-shady areas of garden or indoor rooms.If you want a plant having gorgeous leaves with lots of colors and varieties, Caladium will be the best choice as adding this plant will enhance the beauty with its heart-shaped leaves.Caladium propagates with the help of bulbs.It started foliage in summer season and after attaining its maturity in cold left bulbs in the soil which will help for the next growth of caladium.


Caladium-Plant-Urban-PlantsThere are 1000 species or cultivars available in the market of  caladium plants on the basis of different looks of leaves color and patterns.

Caladiums can be used as a colorful border plant for your garden for giving it a multicolored look.It is also called an angel's wing or elephant ears.It is a tropical perennial plant which loves high humidity and moist soil. Caladium plant is a heavy feeder, as required frequent application of fertilizer.It is grown with the help of bulbs or corms.


Caladium-Plant-Urban-PlantsThis variety of caladium plant enhances the beauty with its large heart shaped leaves having spotted combinations of white,green and reddish-orange color.


This beautiful variety can tolerate full sunlight and still expresses its full vibrant leaves.The leaf consists of light pink color with the green edges which gives it a finish touch.


This variety also known as dwarf caladium as its height only reaches upto 7 to 8 inches having lime-green leaves with pink spots all over the leaves.

These above are some cultivars of caladium plants popular mainly because of their look and easy to maintain property.Combining different varieties of caladium will look much better if planted in the border of your garden.

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