Mosquito repellent plants

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

 The Arrival of the monsoon season invites unwanted guest in your home in form of insects, flies and mosquitoes. Most pervasive in all of them are mosquitoes whose presence in our lives is now for generations. Mosquitoes are carrier of harmful human disease and there control should be our top priority, interestingly you can now grow plants in your garden which will act as a natural mosquito repellent in your home.  Here are some plants listed below-


  • Marigold- The flowers of marigold needs no introduction, it’s a easy plant to grow in your garden the best part being it gives out smell that repels not only mosquitoes but aphids, thrips and whiteflies away.


  • Lemon grass- Lemon grass is excellent mosquito repellent plants you can have in your home and garden. Citronella oil present in lemongrass not only repels mosquitoes but also gives a refreshing odor to your home as
  • Citronella grass- It is known for its strong lemony scent which deters mosquitoes, whiteflies and other insects apart from this its oil can be extracted and used for similar purposes. It needs filtered sunlight for its growth.
  • Basil- Basically a herb, basil is generally known for its anti-inflammatory nature apart from this it is a excellent anti-mosquito plant as it is toxic to the larvae of mosquitoes. Basil likes to be wet along with good sunlight and drainage.

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